How to P.R.A.Y

Prayer is a powerhouse resource for all believers. It builds us up, activates our faith, and heals our wounds. And not because of prayer in itself, but because of whom to we pray. God has the power to address all our needs, but we must go to him in prayer. Prayer opens the flow of communication with God and helps us gain sensitivity to what he wants to do in our lives. The best part is that it is a conversation God is open to having with us at any time!

With more focus on your relationship with God, come many opportunities for creativity. You may have used the Lord’s Prayer or A.C.T.S. (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) method to direct your prayers, well here’s another one. It is a spot-on guide with the acronym P.R.A.Y!


Praise God for who he is, the place he holds in your life. Thank him for all he has done. Lord, I lift your name on high for all you have done for me. I give you praise for your goodness and mercy that pursues me.


Reflect on the challenges God has brought you through. Acknowledge where you are now would not have been possible without his hand on your life. God, taking the time to look back on everything you have done, I realise you have been with me all along.


Ask God for forgiveness. Make your requests. Present the needs of others and yourself to him. Father, please forgive me for my sins. Free me of my debt. I ask you to surround my family in your love. I pray that you give me wisdom and strength.


Yearn for God’s presence. Acknowledge that without him, you could do nothing. His presence sustains, carries, and uplifts you, and reminds you of your identity. Lord, I yearn for you! I need you more than anything else. With you, anything is possible.

We hope this step-by-step prayer guide gives you a fresh perspective and makes struggles with finding the right words a thing of the past. Reinforce your dependence on Christ and respond to his love daily. As you have more conversations with God in prayer, be confident he is listening, ready to meet your needs.