How to Create Space for God in Prayer

If you’ve ever wondered whether you had what it takes to develop a solid prayer life, we’re here to tell you that you do!

There’s much to be gained in prayer and  the case for prayer practically makes itself. It helps tighten the bond you have with God and tune your ear to hear his voice ever more clearly. Added joy and peace come into your life when you pray.

There are ways to turn prayer into a consistent, flowing conversation between you and God that you just won’t want to stop.

Here are a few ideas to help you create space for God in prayer:

Set a time

Morning person, night owl, play to your strengths and choose a time that gives you the best mix of alertness and quiet. There will be times of course where you will want to stretch and go out of the bounds of your typical schedule, but you will want to focus first on establishing a routine.

Now maybe you’ve had a raging debate in your past about the length of time spent in prayer. A good approach would be to challenge yourself to increase whatever you have already established for a set number of weeks. So, if you’re at, say, 15 minutes daily, try bumping up to 20 minutes daily with a goal to do so consecutively over a month. This approach gives you a chance to look back over your progress and press in even for even more time in the future.

Set a boundary

The last thing you would want to happen while you are deep in prayer is to have that ringer go off. Disturbances are certainly part of life, but you do have a say in whether they become distractions to your sacred moments with God.

Head off the interruptions by being proactive. Know that you have an itch to reach for your phone to check out the latest message on the feed? Silence the notifications for the duration of your quiet time. Have a tendency to start creating mental to-do lists in the middle of worship? Before lifting holy hands, go ahead and write your tasks down so you have peace of mind. It’s worth the planning to create a nearly impermeable boundary when it comes to getting closer to God.

Set a rhythm

Prayer does not have to be limited to you speaking. After all, the desire is to expand your relationship with God. Your rhythm of time spent with him can be a combination of Bible reading, worship, and/or meditation. In fact, God can use these elements to speak right back to you.

Set an intention

Journaling is a great way to keep a record of your prayers. And with quiet time guides like the SOAP method, a reflective prayer is built into your writing.

How do you SOAP? Start with Scripture. Focus in on a specific passage of the Bible. Then Observe. Highlight, underline, note, or if you’re techy, make a photo image of what stands out to you from the passage. Next is the Application. Jot down the ways you can apply the message behind what you’ve read in a practical way. Last, but never least, is Prayer. Thank God for the revelation found and ask for his help in keeping it in your heart.

Set a reminder

Everyone could use a little help, especially when going from one habit into another. This is where technology really shines. And there are low tech options as well, post visual reminders around your space. Maybe ask a friend to join along with you for added accountability.

With some effort, creativity, and preparation, you will find the habit of prayer becoming just that, your habit of prayer. As your conversations with God grow, so too will your joy. You will find delight in going to straight to the source of hope and strength.

Make space for God and heart in knowing that your prayers are being heard. He is listening and is ready to give you the solutions your soul needs every day.