Eastlake Leadership College

Diploma of Leadership

Looking to grow as a leader? Take your leadership to a new level and inspire, motivate and empower your teams. This course offers cutting edge leadership training and skills to influence others using Christians perspectives. It covers:

  • critical thinking skills
  • complex problem solving skills
  • communication skills
  • management skills
  • leadership skills and theory
  • advanced leadership

BIB001 // Introduction to the Bible

LEA001 // Introduction to Leadership

THE001 // Christian Worldview

LEA002 // Public Speaking

LEA003 // Personal and Organisational Leadership

EXP001 // Professional Practice

THE003 // Leadership Ethics

MIN002 // Christian Spirituality

Entry Requirements
  • Higher School Leavers: Completion of a Year 12 certificate or equivalent or; articulation from another Alphacrucis course or equivalent.
  • Mature Age Students over 21 years old: No entry requirements.
Policies and Procedures

Fees and Payments

All fees and charges are stated in and are to be paid in Australian dollars.

Tuition fees are payable per semester, in advance.

Students must review the Student Agreement before the commencement of the course.

If, after the census date of the semester or course, a student’s tuition fees are not paid, or the student has not made alternate payment arrangements, then the student will automatically receive a Not Yet Competent (NYC) grade for the unpaid course, module or VET unit of study and will be removed from class. Students who are unable to pay tuition fees may choose to contact the campus director and withdraw from their course, module or VET unit of study before the census date to avoid this Not Yet Competent (NYC) grade.

Students with outstanding fees will not be issued any academic transcripts and will not be permitted to graduate. Students with outstanding fees will also be refused the following services:

  • access to assessment results
  • access to buildings and computer labs
  • access to e-learning course material
  • course enrolment
  • library facilities

Failure to pay fees may result in the student’s enrollment being cancelled. If a student’s enrollment was cancelled due to outstanding fees, they may request to be re-enrolled; with a late enrollment fee possibly applied. A student whose enrollment was cancelled will carry the debt and will not be permitted to enroll until the outstanding amount has been paid in full or an agreement has been made between the student and the campus director.

Continuing students who fail to enroll by the enrollment date will be charged a late enrollment fee. This fee must be paid before enrollment will be processed. The enrollment date will be published on the college website.


Withdrawal shall ordinarily:

  • be permitted from the start of week 1 to the census date without academic penalty: that is, nothing appears on the transcript;
  • attract the academic penalty of a Not Yet Competent (“NYC”) grade if it occurs after the census date;
  • be permitted at any time with the approval of the VET Committee.

Privacy policy

Eastlake Church Leadership College and Alphacrucis College will collect, manage, use and disclose personal information in accordance with all relevant legislation and standards. The Information Privacy Principles of section 14 of the Privacy Act 1988 (CTH) except when qualified by any relevant Codes of Practice, will underpin all matters related to personal information.



Full Time: 1 Year

Course Fees

FEE-HELP Available to eligible students

Fees are payable per Semester and are based on unit prices which are subject to change. Please contact the office for up to date prices for the upcoming Semester.

PLEASE NOTE: fees are subject to change

CRICOS Code 00958A (Alphacrucis College)
Course CRICOS Code: 079675D